Host a House Show

Hold up, what even is a house show anyway?

A house show is, yes, a show at your house! It is a unique gathering of your awesome friends in your living room or maybe your backyard for an evening of food, music, community, and conversation. Whether amplified or unplugged, every house show is laid-back, intimate, engaging, and an all-around sweet time.

Guest List: Who can come? that is completely up to you! It is your house and your space. If you want it to be a private event and only invite specific people, great! If you want to make it a public event and don’t mind meeting new strangers, that’s cool, too. Either way, we can tag-team promotion together and figure out what is most comfortable for you.

Size: “I’d like to have a house show, but I feel like my house is too small.” No worries! If you’re okay with cozier space, we can fit. There’s always room to make it work. 

Show Time: The start and end time of the show is up to you as well, though it is always good to give enough time for guests to get settled in. A normal start and end time might be 7:00 PM doors, 7:30 show. If it’s a weeknight (or weekend) and you are a grandma (like Caitlyn), we can even end on the earlier side so we can all go to bed at a reasonable hour.  

The Real Reason Why People Come (just kidding):
Some hosts provide light snacks and drinks for their house shows. This is not required, but it is an added bonus. Who are we kidding? Everyone loves the munchies, especially if it’s free. You’re also more than welcome to turn it into a potluck and ask your friends if they would be willing to bring their favorite dish or snack. 

Love Your Neighbor:
Our music is not in the hardcore punk genre so it does not get very loud, but it is always a good idea (indoor or outdoor) to let your neighbors know of the potential music coming from your house so they are aware of what is going on. Parking can get overcrowded as well, so letting them know about this is good, too. and hey, invite them to the house show! They may enjoy it, too.  

Lodging: Here is another bonus, but not required. While on tour and/or traveling out to see you, we will eventually need a place to crash overnight. We get to spend quality time with you and that means sleeping on your floor, couch, and eating your food! in all seriousness though, some of the best times we have had has been while building friendships with hosts of house shows in different cities and towns and it is truly so special. but again, if we need to play and then get out of your space, that is all good! no pressure.       

Business Matters: 
As you may understand, we human beings have to buy groceries and pay for gas to get to places. We love to make music, but we also need to make our rent. Our typical cost for a house show is $250. However, odds are likely that you will not have to pay a dime of that! All of the ticket sales/donations go towards this booking fee. So, if we set ticket prices/donation to $10-$15, and 20-25 people come out, we will likely reach $250 if not more! The only reason you would end up paying is if people do not come, and/or $250 is not fully met. If it is, we are all good to go!

What does the artist expect from a house show? We love and appreciate a listening room atmosphere. It definitely creates a really special space. We can always make time for socializing before and after the show, but while we play and enjoy music together, we take it as a sign of respect and support to artists if there’s minimal noise while the show is happening. 

Fill out this form below and we’ll get back to you shortly. If you have any additional questions, shoot us an email at Thanks for being here. Let’s get things underway!