“Rewind” by Sylvan Esso (Cover by Homestead Collective)

A couple years ago, Ben spent one week house sitting for a friend in the neighborhood. He brought his recording equipment there and started tracking the instrumentation for “Rewind” by Sylvan Esso using random things he could find around the neighbor’s house – a metal bucket, a plastic bin, office supplies; The rest of the instrumentation included just him and the sounds he made with his acoustic guitar. Every sound you hear in this track was an acoustic instrument used and manipulated to sound different and give the song an authentic vibey electro-pop sound. 

Flash forward two years later, Caitlyn added the vocals, including some ad lib Imogen Heap-esque “oohs” and “aahs” in the instrumental – rounding out the swirly section before jumping back into the rhythmic chorus.   

The filming process took one camera on a tripod, one evening at The Homestead, and one of each of us! Caitlyn cloned in post-production to let you see 3 Caitlyn’s and 4 Ben’s. It took some rehearsing to nail down which Caitlyn or which Ben was playing what on each camera take, but we think the final product turned out well for our first time creating a cloning music video. Below is the list of tracks/instrumentation you hear in the song! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it. 


Lead Vocal
Vocal Double
Vocals Harmonies (6)
Metal Bin
Plastic Bin (2)
Paper Clips & Thumb Tacks
Snaps Left
Snaps Right
Guitar Bass
Guitar Bass (Low Octave)
Beer Bottle Bass
Guitar Pad (11) with Ebow
Guitar Leads (4)

33 Total Tracks

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